Dirty Politics and the RNC

Okay, so I live in a neighborhood in IL which by any standards would be considered a nice neighborhood. But, the RNC must think that since we live in a nice neighborhood, therefore we must have a lot of money, therfore we MUST be republicans.

I find this offensive, frankly, but they prove it to me every day by doing simple zip/income pulls and sending me everything from “personalized” thank yous from George and Laura to anti-choice “questionnaires” from Lord knows what nutbag organization. Usually, I get this crap and chuckle to myself how they know nothing about direct mail technology (Someone call Experian Marketing Services, quick!) and throw it away in the garbage so it can fester in the landfill for the next 500 years (No soy based inks for them Re-pubs!)

But, for the last three months or so I have received, almost daily, mailings so vile that they serioulsy make my blood boil. For the 8th distict Rep race, the RNC (and NOT Republican hopeful David McSweeney they keep telling me over and over on each piece) sends me these ridiculous postcards accusing incumbent Melissa Bean of everything from being confused (with a big blurry brain on the front to make the point) to being associated with *gasp* Nancy Pelosi!!!! But I think the best one of all was the one where there was a picture of Ms. Bean, Osama bin Laden, scary Arabs with big guns, and a bunch of Mexicans jumping over a fence – all in a single postcard! I wish I could see that brainstorming session in action!

mscummy strikes again

Then, McScummy, oops I mean the RNC, runs a TV ad accusing Melissa Bean of running a “smear campaign” on him. Now THAT’S ballsy.

Uh, I think I’ll be voting for Melissa Bean.

Melissa Bean killed him. Hopefully, this can teach some sort of lesson, but I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Politics and the RNC

  1. You mean Melissa doesn’t support Osama, illegals and the Ayatolla??? Did she at least fly a helicopter in Iraq? Oh wait a minute, that was Tammy…

    Politics is getting pretty nasty though. If it gets much worse, the candidates are gonna have to start fighting duels or something. “We can set some bleachers up in the sun, and have it out on Highway 51”

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