Why am I awake at 3am? Good fucking question!

I was in San Francisco last week and somehow, ever since I got home, I am totally screwed up with jet lag. This has never happened to me before – even when coming back from Europe – and I have been home for four days already. It’s ridiculous and making me crazy. (I’m one of those “I need my 8 straight or I’ll rip you head off” kind of people.) The good news is I’m getting tons of work done while listening to the crazies on talk radio at 3am. It’s a whole different world out here, you insomniacs. I’m scared – very scared.

3 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. just listening to the whack-jobs that call up the sports talk stations during rush hour is more than enough to conclude that there’s no hope for humanity. I can’t even imagine the misantropes, misogynists and mighty messed-up that would be calling at 3AM.

  2. Unfortunately, one of the crappy things about, ahem, middle age is sleep disruption. Hence all the frantic TV advertising for Rozerem, Ambien CR, that butterfly thing (Lothlorian?….no wait, that’s the lord of the rings…), etc.

    The good news? You got lots of extra time to call up radio talk shows at 3AM.

  3. do like me….just watch all of the stinking infomercials over and over again until you learn them, then recite them with freinds, themn buy the crap as gifts for those same freinds…..go to sleep!!!

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