A good friend of mine clicked on some sort of virus the other day, and it sent the following message to every single person in her address book:

I’m in a hurry writing this mail an emergency just came up, Information came accross to me that my cousin is very sick and if treatment dont start up immediately we may loose her,Please could you lend me $1500 this morning its very important i’m not in the position of sending the money today thats why i need you help i promise to pay back by thursday morning, I wouldnt be with my phone through out today untill tommorrow afternoon so i’ve only access to emails for now so you can just email me and let me know if you could lend me the money this morning.. Thanks i have to go now would be back soon.

Now – why is it that the person that wrote this virus is smart enough to write code to exploit a sophisticated software system, but can’t spell or use correct grammar? It’s obviously written by someone who speaks English as a second language, but why bother? Why not write stupid email hacks for your own native tongue? The atrocious spelling tipped me off that this was a fake, and my friend seems to be more embarrassed that someone might think she spells this way than that she actually needed $1500… But, in this world of SpellCheck, GrammarCheck, Text Messaging and Cut & Paste, are today’s kids even learning how to spell or write correctly? OR IZ THS AL THY KNO, THER4 THS IS THE NU ENGLSH? PWB.. TX.

2 thoughts on “WHT DO U THNK?

  1. True. The good news is that these kids are developing what the military calls “big thumbs.” Looks like a lot of our furure warfare is gonna be conducted by remote camera and joystick hundreds or thousands of miles away, so maybe all that TXT MSGNG expertise come in handy?

    What drives me crazy are the ppl who either don’t know or don’t care about the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re,” not to mention “your” and “you’re.” And while I’m raving out, could we also declare a permanent ban on “lol?” I mean, if ppl can’t figure out that you’ve just authored a witticism, adding LOL aint’t gonna help, right?

  2. If you really read the email you would know why the errors were present…..He/she was in a hurry!!

    By the way, in the above sentence, why is the spelling read, not red?

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