Morrissey’s Still Got It

Well, I am kind of embarrassed to say that I am going to see Morrissey tonight in Chicago. And, I have to say, he still looks damn good at almost 50 years old! Yes, I am still a big fan of The Smiths after all these years and go to see Morrissey every time he comes to town. I must not be the only misanthrope around – he sells out Chicago every time, and tonight is no exception.

Viva La Moz!

The show was fantasic – one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. And, to top it off, he played 5 Smiths songs, including “Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want” as a special Chicago encore. The lights were a deep blue in reference the the famous Ferris Bueller scene at the Art Institute. I thought that was a rather cool touch. Moz, you never disappoint!

Britney = The Rest of Us

k-fag out!
Can I just say what we are all thinking – “Thank God” to Britney finally dumping that loser Kevin Federline? I mean, gals, didn’t we all just wince a little when she hooked up with that guy? We all have our own little K-Feds to deal with in our pasts – and you all know who I am talking about. And then, when she actually married the guy and popped out the kids? Didn’t you want to shake her by her bobble head and say, “No, Britney! This guy is no good! He is a loser, user, boozer and abuser! Get out now!” Well, she finally wised up – I guess better late than never. And all us gals breathed a sigh of relief and put those memories of our own K-Feds back in the closet where they belong.

Actually, I had a few – that closet is kind of full!