Britney = The Rest of Us

k-fag out!
Can I just say what we are all thinking – “Thank God” to Britney finally dumping that loser Kevin Federline? I mean, gals, didn’t we all just wince a little when she hooked up with that guy? We all have our own little K-Feds to deal with in our pasts – and you all know who I am talking about. And then, when she actually married the guy and popped out the kids? Didn’t you want to shake her by her bobble head and say, “No, Britney! This guy is no good! He is a loser, user, boozer and abuser! Get out now!” Well, she finally wised up – I guess better late than never. And all us gals breathed a sigh of relief and put those memories of our own K-Feds back in the closet where they belong.

Actually, I had a few – that closet is kind of full!

2 thoughts on “Britney = The Rest of Us

  1. These celebrities already have pre-nups and some even have post-nups. Why not take it one logical step further and just write out a marriage contract with a set term? For example, B. could have wed K. for a period of 2 years, perhaps with a 1 year renewal option. At the end of the contract term, the parties are free to go on their merry way, or contract for an additional period if they so wish. This “till death do us part” business is really not gonna stand up to the reality of Hollywood, not to mention the egos of these people who are all just so darn special…..

  2. I want to know what is going through her head when she feels it is okay to go out wearing no panties and a skirt/dress that hardly covers her bum cheeks. She is rich, she is famous, she has children and there is no need for it Britney

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