Morrissey’s Still Got It

Well, I am kind of embarrassed to say that I am going to see Morrissey tonight in Chicago. And, I have to say, he still looks damn good at almost 50 years old! Yes, I am still a big fan of The Smiths after all these years and go to see Morrissey every time he comes to town. I must not be the only misanthrope around – he sells out Chicago every time, and tonight is no exception.

Viva La Moz!

The show was fantasic – one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. And, to top it off, he played 5 Smiths songs, including “Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want” as a special Chicago encore. The lights were a deep blue in reference the the famous Ferris Bueller scene at the Art Institute. I thought that was a rather cool touch. Moz, you never disappoint!

4 thoughts on “Morrissey’s Still Got It

  1. He’s a singer – he was the lead singer for The Smiths, and influential band in the early 80s. They broke up in 1987 and Morrissey went on to a successful solo career. The Smiths is still my favorite band (besides the Beatles, but that’s a whole other level) – and Morrissey is a big part of why.

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