Happy Thanksgiving!

gobble gobble
Ahhhh… Thanksgiving. That American of all American holidays. (Although I think Canada does a Thanksgiving too, but it’s in October?!) A day to sit on your ass if you’re a guy and watch football, and get good and drunk for some spirited political debate at dinner with Bitter Uncle Leo. And, if you’re a gal, you get to work your ass off for days and days for a meal that’s scarfed down in 20 minutes. (No time to get good and drunk until after dinner, and by that time everyone is asleep on the couch.)

The thing I hate about Thanksgiving is that the menu is pretty well set. You have to have the turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the yams, cranberry sauce and of course pumpkin pie. Every family has some devitations, but this is basically it. And as anyone who has done a Thanksgiving can tell you – it is a total pain in the ass.

This year I am not having Thanksgiving – I am going to my sister-in-law’s and told to bring the yams – something my family never had and something I have never made before. For some reason we always had peas… I miss those! Why have potatoes and potatoes??? But, frankly, I am glad I am not having it this year – now I can get drunk before dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving~