Britney’s Underwear and My Underpants Problem

I’ve been getting tons of hits for Britney this week because my blog is called “Nacho Underpants” and I wrote a little blurb about Britney a few weeks ago when she dumped K-Fag. So, I guess if you Google “Britney” and “Underpants” this blog comes up. I can’t help but think that there may be disappointment a plenty when they realize I don’t have the famous crotch shots here on my blog. So, as Red Skelton said, “Give the people what they want and they’ll come out for it.”

P.S. Dear Britney: put some damn panties on, girl!

Here are links to the famous pictures:
Number 3
Number 2
First time

You’re welcome!

More Generation X Classics

By popular demand – more “trips” down memory lane. Were these guys tripping or what? Here are some more Sesame Street and Electric Company favorites.

Note: The first one, from a series known collectively as “Jazzy Spies”, was sung by none other than Grace Slick. Who knew? (Notice the slight Beatles reference in the middle. Is it 5 Ringos? They should have used that one in Jazzy Spies 4.)

This next one is fairly psychedelic. I remember being totally freaked out that I was going to get lost here too. Trippy and scary – what were they thinking?

A classic – one of my all time favorites: “But my friend Sam stayed just the same!” Brilliant.

I used to LOVE this one. The quality on this video is poor, but I still remember this one so well. I wanted to be the Queen of Six so bad!