Britney’s Underwear and My Underpants Problem

I’ve been getting tons of hits for Britney this week because my blog is called “Nacho Underpants” and I wrote a little blurb about Britney a few weeks ago when she dumped K-Fag. So, I guess if you Google “Britney” and “Underpants” this blog comes up. I can’t help but think that there may be disappointment a plenty when they realize I don’t have the famous crotch shots here on my blog. So, as Red Skelton said, “Give the people what they want and they’ll come out for it.”

P.S. Dear Britney: put some damn panties on, girl!

Here are links to the famous pictures:
Number 3
Number 2
First time

You’re welcome!

One thought on “Britney’s Underwear and My Underpants Problem

  1. I had a client who played in a band called Big Girl Underpants.

    They were looking for an evocative name like Barenaked Ladies…one of the band members had a little niece, who wandered in on a jam session one evening and announced “I wear big girl underpants.”

    Something that Britney, apparently, can’t say…

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