Microsoft IE7 Sucks

I hate Microsoft. I always have – they really are just annoying bullies, and not very innovative ones at that. Many years ago I fell in love with a really great PC-based graphics program (this way way bofore Photoshop was a ubiquitous as it is today.) that really was incredibly advanced for it’s day (1992 or so). It was called Altamira Composer. Microsoft acquired them in 1994, and basically ruined the product. Why? Good question. Microsoft has never understood the importance of graphics – those Mac/PC commercials are pretty spot on. (Anyone remember 16-color monitors?) Anyway, I never forgave them for that, and it seems that again, the bully is being the stupid bully it is.

My husband made the mistake of downloading the new IE7 (only because his good old Windoze XP kept sending messages to do so.) So, now the whole browser is broken. It doesn’t see the LAN, and if I try to go in and reconnect the LAN in Internet Options, it hangs. If I try and run a diagnostic, it hangs. If I try to go to Help, it hangs. What a piece of crap. I’ll eventually be able to fix it because I am pretty computer saavy – but what about the poor sap out there that knows nothing about computers and needs XP to hand hold them all the time? (This is the same XP that tries and “hide” the C:\ drive files from you….oooo files! Scary!) This poor person would now have no way to connect to internet and therefore no way to get help with the problem. Thanks, Microsoft – you suck.

Another reason I have a Mac.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft IE7 Sucks

  1. my IE has giant cobwebs on it…been using firefox since it first came out. I know, you’re happy for me.

  2. Ha! Thats funny! The wif did the same thing and it fugged up her IE as well- only dif between me and you is I ‘aint gonna fix the chit for her! Now she is void of the internet and calls me a bastard whenever she looks my way…

    Oh well… my fault again I guess!

    My Macs run smooooth and Firefox is the chit! That’s my .02.

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