Cirque de Soleil “LOVE”

I was in Vegas a few months ago and was lucky enough to see the new Cirque de Soleil show at the Mirage – LOVE. It is a Cirque de Soleil show set to Beatles music reflecting on the music itself, not the Beatles themselves. It’s amazing how they pulled it off. I’m not much of a “show” person, I find them rather chee-zee most of the time, but this was a big exception to the rule. They managed to capture the Beatles personalities, the music and the times, all without using actors or anyone representing the Beatles themselves.

The music was incredible and the show itself was undescribable. It was beautiful and actually made me cry. I love the Beatles and the new remixes of the old music really makes you realize how brilliant the music was in the first place. George Harrison got this project rolling before he passed away – unfortunately he never got to see the finished product, but you can definitely feel his influence. The way they portray his songs in particular is beyond words.

The production company spent $100 million overhauling the old Sigfried & Roy theater and it’s amazing. Each seat has stereo speakers, roll out so you can get up and out easily, and are as comfortable as a La-Z-Boy. (They also all have giant cup holders to allow you you put your rather large Rum & Diet in the seat! Thank you LOVE!) Also, the stage rotates and has dozens of moving screen “walls” that come out of the ceiling, constantly changing the setup of the stage and what you are seeing.

I highly recommend this fabulous show the next time you’re in Las Vegas. You won’t regret it, even if you don’t consider yourself a Beatles fan. Tip: Don’t buy the most expensive seats – there is so much going on at any time, much of it up in the air or above the seats. We sat on the second level and thought it was the perfect place to see everything, and it was about $50 cheaper!

All you need is LOVE!

Here is the link to the official LOVE site: Click Here

One thought on “Cirque de Soleil “LOVE”

  1. Beatles, huh? As long as they still got them gals that do that crazy contortionist stuff, I’m good….

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