Christmas Eve Menu

We always do Christmas Eve at our house for my husband’s family – I’ve only been in the family for about five years, but somehow it’s become a tradition – which I like because I do like to cook.  Plus Christmas Eve always seems so elegant to me – more so than Christmas itself.  The presents are still under the tree, piled high and looking beautiful.  It’s usually cold so you have to have a good fire going (Thanks to global warming, it’s 55 degrees here in Chicago this week – so this part may not be so storybook this year…)  I am only doing dinner for 10 this year, (usually it’s around 20) but it will sure be good. Here is my planned menu:

Assorted Appetizers and Cocktails

Prime Rib with Cabernet Jus
Gratin Dauphinois
Tri-color Salad
Garlicky Broccoli Rabe
Cloverleaf Rolls

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


Now, I have never made Prime Rib before, so I am a little nervous.  The good news is that everyone says it’s fairly easy compared to other beef recipes.  It seems everyone who writes about prime rib has a “secret” – brown it at 450 for 30 minutes then turn the oven off, etc.  I have done my research, so hopefully it will work out!  I do have some finicky teenagers (niece and nephew) who will probably just eat the potaotes and rolls, but I am not one to make them a “special” dish just because they are “at that age.”  That’s just bullshit.  I know I sound like a mother, but damn it – you either eat what I serve, or you don’t.  Some people in my family make them something extra, like Spaghetti-Os or whatever, but, I ain’t doin’ that.  Sorry.

I am also excited to try the Red Velvet Cake – have never made that before, either, but it looks so beautiful and very Christmas-y.  I am going to make my own beef broth for the base of the Cabernet Jus – something else I haven’t done before.  Yup – sure nothing will go wrong.  Right?

Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Menu

  1. That sounds pretty decent. I guess the biggest challenge is not getting hammered too bad while cooking (although passing out face first in the tri-color salad would make for a nice, heart-warming xmas memory for the teens).

  2. My mother did that once at Thanksgiving. I was home from college and for some reason that year the wine was flowing well before dinner – probably because we had guests that year, when normally it would be the three of us sitting around staring at eachother. Anyway, by the time dinner was ready (many hours late as I recall) my dad puts the peas in a regular bowl instead of using the good china bowl she had set out for him. We’re all sitting at the table when my dad comes and plops the peas down and begins to sit down. My mother, squinty-eyed and slurry, looks at the peas and then says to my dad, “Yew allwaysss fuck somethin’ up!” and promptly passes out at her plate. Ah, the heartfelt memories of the Gilbert family….

  3. Wow, that’s right up there with Kevin Spacey throwing the plate of asparagus up against the wall in American Beauty.

  4. I thought this was another one of those high-class smartsy farsty menu sites until I read further! I should have known by the “Nacho Underpants” heading. Thanks for making me laugh!

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