Hey, Guys: Meet the Hamper!

Have we met somewhere before?
I had to write this today after picking up my 11 billionth sock off the floor next to the hamper and putting it in to the hamper. Seriously, what is so hard about putting stuff IN THE DAMNED HAMPER? (Insert Jerry Seinfeld Voice Here:) “You’ve already done the hard work – taking off the item of clothing, in this case a sock. You are already near the hamper. Why not just go that extra step and put it in the hamper?”

Okay, enough with the hamper, but this does bring up a good question about guys and gals. My husband and I had a small “discussion” the other day about the jobs around the house. It all started with me asking him if he was going to put the covers on the outdoor furniture this year, since last year he never did get around to it. You would have thought I had asked him if he was going to get on that penis enlargement program this year. He said yes, and he’d be happy to teach me how to do it, too. I replied that this was a “man job.” He got all crabby and said all the shit jobs are man jobs. But what is the definition of a “shit” job? Is it indoor vs. outdoor? Heavy vs. light? Kitchen vs. toilet? In my mind, it’s just a natural divide – women take care of most things in the house, men take care of most things outside the house. I do the laundry 90% of the time with no complaints. I make the bed 95% of the time with no complaints. I put the God damn socks in the hamper 99.9999999% of the time with no… well, some complaints, I guess. But, the point is, isn’t everyone’s definition of a “shit” job really relative?

He put the covers on the furniture over the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Hey, Guys: Meet the Hamper!

  1. if you remember the swell book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, I believe that’s the level of “civilization” that men would quickly devolve to if not for all the helpful instructions from females. I mean, uncovered lawn furniture…..that’s just wrong!

  2. actually, you are correct….T causes severely impaired vision. Men literally “don’t see” the offending sock, pair of boxer shorts, hamper, etc. It’s really quite heartbreaking.

  3. I’m reminded of an old bit by Rita Rudner she used to do on David Letterman back when she was still funny. It was called “Refrigerator Blindness” and the basic premise was that if it’s behind the milk in the refrigerator, men, who suffer from this affliction, won’t be able to find it. I use this phrase quite often, much to Scot’s chagrin.

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