I Have a Big Mouth

Okay, so as usual, I manage to open my foot very wide and insert foot. I can’t tell you how many times I have blurted something out that I shouldn’t have, either because I thought someone would find something funny that they didn’t, or because I wasn’t paying attention to my audience. So, I did it again.

I am riding home from Christmas morning at the in-laws and mentioned a particularly funny gift that I saw that I was 100% certain was given by a particular individual in my family to another particular individual in my family. So, I not only mention it, but manage to laugh about it for a minute or so until I realize to my horror the dead silence coming from the back seat. Yes, the certain individual that gave the gift in question was not who I thought it was, but rather the individual sitting directly behind me. Dead silence.

Now what do I do? There really is no way to recover from this rather large faux pas. In my instant panic I decide to ask the question head-on if this individual actually did give the gift I saw. Yes, they did. I tried in vain to maybe hope that the gift I described was maybe a similar one, and not the one they gave, so I asked a few questions about the description. Yup, that matches 100%. Oops. So, I did what I could and said I was sorry about 100 times.

I am an ass. And, I am sorry. I hope this person can forgive me and they owe me one free insult on the house. Isn’t the New Year a good time for forgiveness anyway?

One thought on “I Have a Big Mouth

  1. Maybe you could audition for one of those “want to get away” Southwest Airlines commercials? I also suffer from the occasional bout of glibness, usually compounded by alcholol. There is no way to smooth over the occasional verbal blunder. Just confess that yer an idiot and apologize profusely….

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