Famous Fast n’ Easy Dip

Well, famous between my friends and myself, anyway.

Here is a good story about this dip, which comes from one of my best friend’s mother. My friend was visiting me many years ago when I lived in Evanston, and we were having some people over for a party, and of course, we wanted her to make this dip that we all loved. So, we go to my very racially diverse Jewel in my racially diverse neighborhood to shop for supplies. As we are going down the aisles, my friend is at one end of the aisle and I am at the other, and I yell, “Hey Brab*, what else do you need for the dip?” and she yells back “What, you mean what do I need for the Coon Dip?” The color drains from my face as I notice about five other people in my racially diverse Jewel turn around and stare at us at either end of the aisle. Now, I had grandparents that grew up in Indiana, and unfortunately I know the “colorful” meaning of this particular word to a particular group of people. My face, probably beet red, and I walk slowly up the aisle to the other side and say, “Brab, I don’t care what your parents call the dip, you shouldn’t say that around here!” My friend looks confused for a minute and then bursts out laughing and explains to me that the dip is called “Kuhn Dip” as her mother’s maiden name is Kuhn. Ooops. Chalk one up for the idiot who though it was something else because it was a brown dip.

*Names changed to protect the innocent

Anyway, here is the recipe for yummy Kuhn Dip – my friend tells me that this recipe has never really been written down, so this is a first, with blessings from her mother, of course.


2 8 oz. Bricks of Cream Cheese, softened to room temperature
2 Beef Bullion Cubes
1 Cup Water
Worcestershire Sauce
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt (optional)

Add bullion cubes to cup of water and microwave for 1 1/2 minutes or so until dissolved. Put cream cheese in a large bowl and add a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and a few dashes of bullion, mix up with fork. Slowly keep adding Worcestershire and broth in alternating groups until broth is gone and dip is well mixed (should be a light beige color). Add Lawry’s Seasoned Salt to taste, if using. Serve either chilled or room temperature with Potato Chips, Fritos or Pretzels. Enjoy!