Best Sushi Ever: Cabo San Lucas?

I just got back from a week in Cabo, Mexico. I’ve been there before – it’s a nice Mexican resort town with something for everyone, from fine, six course formal dining to 3 for 1 Tequila Poppers n’ Nachos (I had all of the above.) We were told by someone who goes to Cabo a lot that the best sushi restaurant in the world is in downtown Cabo. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical – I am kind of a sushi snob, having my first taste of the stuff when I was in Aspen one summer during college and wouldn’t even touch any sort of fish, let along raw fish! But, after much coaxing, and much sake (first time for that, too!) one taste and I was literally hooked.

I was lucky enough to move to Evanston, IL after college, a great town in all respects, but also in the fact that the best sushi restarant in Chicago was located two blocks from my house. Kuni’s at Main and Chicago Ave is always incredible, and furthered my taste for good and fresh sushi creations. It also ruined me. When I moved downtown, all the other sushi places paled in comparison. And, don’t even get me started on that nasty stuff they sell in the supermarket. That stuff is like calling a McChicken Coq au Vin.

But, that was then, this is now. Back to Cabo – well, I have to say, the place was out of this world. The rolls we ordered were the freshest, most perfect rolls I have ever had. We also had the Chef’s Specials each night, a six course extraveganza with ultra fresh creations such as Spanish Mackerel with an Avocado Sauce, Fresh Tuna with Jalepenos and my personal favorite of the week, a whole Parrot Fish in an incredible Curry Sauce. Each dish was fresh and full of interesting combinations of flavors I can’t say I’ve ever experienced before. The fish was the freshest I think I’ve ever had – it practically melted in your mouth. Every expectation I had was exceeded by an infinite amount. It was even better the second night we went.

So, if you are ever in downtown Cabo San Lucas, I highly recommend Nick San Japanese restaurant. You won’t be sorry! Now, if I could just get to Japan…

Favorite Sushi Places:
Nick San – Cabo San Lucas, MX – Downtown Cabo at the Marina – (624) 143-2491
Kuni’s – Evanston, IL – 511 Main St – (847) 328-2004
Okada – Las Vegas, NV – Wynn Resort and Casino – (702) 248-DINE
Sushi Den – Denver, CO – 1487 S Pearl St – (303) 777-0826
Sagano – Barrington, IL – 110 Hough St – (847) 382-8980

5 thoughts on “Best Sushi Ever: Cabo San Lucas?

  1. damn… that sounds good. I remember going to that sushi place in Evanston with ya, and yes- good shit. Had I known of the place in Cabo, would have hit it for sure-

    BTW- welcome home

  2. good to know….i liked cabo a lot but found it “kinda” expensive. Not sure when i might get back down there again, so i’ll try yer evingston joint instead. Or is the barrington place better?

  3. The Barrington place is very good too, but as Misa says, it’s not “authentic” because the sushi chef, Mr Lee is not Japanese, but Korean. Kuni-San is Japanese, and therefore gets the Misa stamp of approval. I like them both, but Kuni is a little better in my opinion, as well.

  4. Mr. Lee gets people drunk at his place, so I don’t really give a damn whether he is Japanese or Korean. Alls I knowd is food was great and I left loaded!… I think…

  5. The Nick San was everything you said and more. My wife and I went there with a group of friends and I just want to say that we ate the best sushi creations we have ever tasted. The chef brought us his creations, each one seriously out of this world. We cannot wait to get back there, hopefully sooner than later. It was a bit expensive, 8 people, 3 bottles of really nummy wine, 650 US dollars! Worth every penny though!!!!

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