Jellied Springtime Vegetable Salad!


More yummy “molded” salads from my friends at the Recipe Institute. In honor of Spring I give you the Molded Spring Vegetable Salad. Clear gelatin, vinegar, radishes, cucumber and scallions snuggled on a soft bed of salad greens – it doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Oh – wait… what’s that sauce in the middle? Oh, it’s mayonnaise! So, I guess you slice off yourself a hunk of this Ode to Springtime and dollop a bunch of mayonnaise on top! Mmmmmm…

They also have a variation where you add cabbage and canned peas. Nothing represents Nature’s springtime bounty to me like canned peas.

Meet My Husband’s List

Well, this is it. I think guessing all these ladies might be a bit harder than my List.

Here’s what I learned: My husband likes brunettes (which I am not – although maybe technically I am…) and he likes rockin’ babes – which I am not, either. He also likes Ms Johansson, which is a little scary because I think she’s like 19 or something – something I am definitley not. Oh, well – we must respect the List. At least Paris Hilton isn’t on it!

Can you guess all six babes?

3-in-1 Hamburger Mix – Betty Crocker Favorite


I used to love my mom’s cooking.  I grew up in the 70s which was a 3 square meals a day era – and dinner always had a meat, a starch, a vegetable, rolls and salad.  One of my favorite things my mom used to make was a 3-in-1 hamburger mix that can make chili, sloppy joes, or my favorite, the cheese-broiled bbq sandwich.  I always thought my mom made these recipes up, or had them stored away in her olive green recipe box because they were handed down from her mother, and her mother’s mother for generations of us gals.  Imagine my suprise when this recipe, and about 20 other things we ate all the time showed up in one cookbook – Betty Crocker’s New Dinner for Two, 1964. I do remember my mom having this book – I think she got it as a wedding gift, but I had no idea our entire dinnertime repertoire was from this tiny cookbook.

Anyway, this recipe is one of my all-time favorites, and be sure to try at least one of them, as they are all good in that non-sophisticated 60s type of way.


1/2 c. chopped onion
1 tbsp. butter
2lb. ground beef
2/3 c. catsup (hee hee)
1/2 c. water
1/4 c. chopped celery
2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tbsp. brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp. worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp. vinegar
1/2 tsp. MSG (cleverly called Accent Seasoning now)
1/4 tsp. dry mustard

Saute onion in butter.  Add beef and brown lightly.  Drain off excess fat.  Add rest of ingredients, simmer covered for 30 minutes.  Cool for use in other recipes below.  Makes 4 cups.

(This is what I thought chili was forever – it is not hot – it is very sweet.  It tastes nothing like any other chili I’ve had, but I still love it.)

1 1/3 cups 3-in-1 Hamburger Mix
1 can (15oz) kidney beans, including liquid
3/4 cup tomato juice
3 tsp. chili powder

Heat hamburger slowly in sauce pan.  Add rest of ingredients; heat through.  Makes 2 generous servings.

Heat 1 1/3 cups of  3-in-1 hamburger mix slowly in skillet.  Use as filling for hot buttered hamburger buns.  Makes 4 sloppy joes.

CHEESE BROILED BBQ (my favorite!)
Heat 1 1/3 cups 3-in-1 Hamburger Mix.  Butter 8 english muffin halves lightly – toast in oven or broiler until browned.  Top each half with some of the beef mixture and one slice of American cheese.  Place under broiler until cheese bubbles and is lightly browned.

Best Music Video Ever… Period.

Come on.. it’s over 20 years old and still rules. Plus, I love the song.

Who were those ’13’ guys anyway? Mean motorcycle racers?

Oh well. It still rules.


Someone sent me this link for the Family Guy version.  I watch Family Guy a lot and hadn’t seen this before – hilarious.

Meet My List

the sexy six?

We all have that “List” – you know, the one you tell your spouse/SO about so that you are allowed to hook up with anyone on the List without repercussion. He tells you his List, you tell him yours and everyone is OK with it, because the chance of actually getting to meet the person – let alone find yourself in a position to hook up with them – are less than winning the Mega Millions. (Unless you’re a guy and Paris Hilton is on your List – you actually have a pretty good chance of that happening.)

This is my List – I had never really put them all in a collage like this, which was a very fun project, by the way. I learned a little about myself from this list. First of all, I guess I like redheads. Also, I must like people who make me laugh. And third, George Clooney is hot.

I can only remember three people on my husband’s List – Chrissie Hynde, Scarlett Johannson and Uma Thurman. I’ll have to get the full list from him later and do a compare and contrast. I wonder what would happen if two people from our respective lists hooked up???

Who’s on your List? $20 to the first person who can name everyone on mine.

Hillary / Obama 1984 Ad… Big Deal!

Sheesh – what is the big hubub with the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama 1984 internet ad?

I read a NY Times article today where Obama exclaimed (on Larry King Live, groan) that: “I just saw it for the first time, and, you know, one of the things about the Internet is that people generate all kinds of stuff. In some ways, it’s — it’s the democratization of the campaign process… Frankly, given what it looks like, we don’t have the technical capacity to create something like that. It’s pretty extraordinary.”

Uh, I’m sorry – you don’t have a 15 year old and a copy of Photoshop and iMovie? Or, hell – I could have done it in two hours. It seems everyone who has seen and commented on this video has lost the entire point here. This is hardly a sophisticated technical masterpiece. It’s clever with the premise and the execution is good – but it’s YouTube for God’s sake! Did we already forget about JibJab?

Yes, we all get that this is a new “channel” for marketing the candidates… I can’t beleive that they are just now figuring this out. But, what everyone seems to miss is that this is just a fairly easy edit of an originally technically amazing (and expensive) Ridley Scott ad for the Apple Macintosh from , uh, 1984! This ad changed advertising forever, and was probably one of the best tv ads ever done. It may be so good that it will make history again for changing the way we do political advertising, due in part to young and uninformed idiots.

OK – maybe I’m being too hard – some people may get that part at least, but the more frightening aspect is that it seems no one under the age of 38 (that’s me) has read or understands the point of the original ad, which was the God Damn book by George Orwell published in 1949. Yes, Wikipedia sucks, but please do yourself a favor and read this page so you can at least get the Cliff’s Cousin Joe-Bob’s account of this book. Was I the last high school student who had to read this? Geez – it wasn’t that long ago…

I am writing this so it will at least be “out there” so maybe some 20 year old dumb-ass who Googles nothing but Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears,  and Paris Hilton may find this by accident and realize what the fucking deal is.

I’m going to bed.

Original Apple Ad
Hey! There was a book involved!
Interesting “Behind the Scenes” video for the original ad
God, I love Futurama

Ann Coulter – Comic Genius or Shriveled-Up Bitter Cunt Face?

You be the judge…

Ya – I know, this is old news, but seriously… I don’t understand why she has even has a job, let alone become a mouthpiece for the “Wright.” Oh, maybe it’s because she’s the only old, dry, anorexic outside of Hollywood where these old geezers think they might get some? (I don’t know… it was the only thing I could think of…)

I read this fabulous blog that explained it all for me. I only wish I could explain my hatred for this woman this articulately…