In the Vein of Old School Cookbooks…

Like I have mentioned before, I collect old cookbooks. I especially love the ones from the late 50s – early 60s, that time where it seemed that everything was so Stepford-y. I think I was born too late – I would give anything to be about 14 in 1965. Too bad I was born in 1968. Well, at least I can say that I was alive in the 60s.

I dragged out some of my old cookbooks and have found some interesting things. I have been busy working on a big project (gasp) so I haven’t has as much time to post as before. But, I figure that I could post some small stuff each day to take a little break from the world of voice application software. (Zzzzzzzzzzz)

Mmmmmm... fat

Okay – what the hell is up with that disgusting piece of meat? This beautiful photograph is from my treasured A Picture Treasury of Good Cooking circa 1953. It’s a “Tested Recipe Institute Cookbook” – so you know it’s good. This is the recipe for Broiled Steak and it explains how the steak should be crisp on the outside, yet raw on the inside. I remember when I was little that I used to get yelled at for not eating my fat. Luckily if my Uncle was there he’d always want my fat and I’d happily oblige.

I think I may throw up.