Make a Blue Sandwich Loaf for Your Next Party!

Why is it blue?

“Happy birthday, Little Jimmy!”

“Is that my cake?”

“No – that’s a sandwich loaf made with salmon, ham, chipped beef, olives, hard boiled eggs and walnuts!”

“Ugh. Why is it blue?”

“Because blue is the color of freedom, Jimmy. We’re not communists!”

Courtesy of the Curtin Recipe Card Company, 1973.

For those of you looking for more of these bizzare gems, please click here.

5 thoughts on “Make a Blue Sandwich Loaf for Your Next Party!

  1. it “sounds” decent….i just don’t get the radioactive blue and yellow creme cheese frosting. Maybe it’s meant for an NCAA March Madness party, and blue/yellow(gold) is yer school colors? Hey, substitute green food coloring for blue and yellow, and whip one of these suckers up for St. Patty’s day….yeah, that’s the ticket.

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  3. Actually these are very tasty. I serve them at tea parties. As a former cake decorator, I always decorate the sandwich loaf as I would a cake, and so did the hostesses of that era. It’s a shame we don’t still take the time in our presentations.

  4. I think it’s wonderful that L. D. used her cake decorating skills to decorate the sandwich loaf. After all, it’s all about presentation-whets the appetite. What a creative mind. You go, L. D.!

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