Hillary or Obama?

I’m sorry, but isn’t it too early for all this? I honestly don’t remember dumb-ass George W being in my face in 1998 – in fact he won his second term as Governor of Texas in November 1998, something that hardly made news at the time.

What were the rest of us doing in 1998? Oh, yeah – we were obsessed with good old Bill Clinton and his errant libido with Miss Lewinsky. I guess since George W is so squeaky-clean with this unwinnable war, pissing off Iran, violating the idiotic Patriot Act , the mess in Guantanamo Bay, Haliburton, our gi-normous debt, etc. etc. etc. that we have nothing else to focus on except the election that is 18 months away? Frankly, both Clinton and Obama are already wearing out their welcome with me, and most people would call me a staunch liberal. How sick of all this are we going to be a year from now? I”m still exausted from 2004 – I’m just not ready to even begin to think about 2008.

I have an idea: Let’s just run Bill again and get it all over with. Screw the 22nd Amendment – I miss him.

3 thoughts on “Hillary or Obama?

  1. That’s a great idea. And as long as we’re tossing the 22nd amendment aside, how ’bout diggin up good old RR to run against the slickster? Heck, even dead, he’s better than most of the stiffs (no pun intended…well, sort of) they got running now. I think it would be a pretty interesting election, kinda like those fantasy boxing matches: Rocky Marciano vs. Muhammed Ali.

  2. Yea – like Celebrity Death Match 2008.

    I don’t remember Reagan that well, as I was in junior high when he was shot (I remember because we got the rest of the day off of school) but I know my mother hated him. (But, then again, my mother is a counselor at Planned Parenthood, so that should give you an indication of which side of the political spectrum she sits.) Regardless, Regan’s legacy includes small government and fiscal responsibility, something that has all but been abandoned by George W and his ilk. This isn’t Reagan’s party any more.

  3. yer right Tiff, the gop has really gone off the tracks…sad.

    Hey, you want proof that I’m older than dirt? Get this story, which is sort of parallel to your RR story:

    JFK came to town and his motorcade was going right by our hs. He being the first catholic persident and me going to a catholic hs, the brothers let us out of class to walk over to St. Mary’s street to watch JFK and Jackie whiz by. It was pretty cool. The next day in Dallas, he was shot. Of course, we didn’t know anything about it (no cnn, no internet, no cell phones, no crackberries….)until Bro. Omeara told us to “shut up and settle down, the President has just been shot and is in crital condition.” I don’t remember if we got off school or not. I think they wheeled in these black and white TV’s for us to watch the parade, funeral, etc.

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