Kosher Coke – the Real, Real Thing

I read this interesting blog today about Kosher Coke. The gist of the article is that Coke makes a special “Kosher Coke” for a few weeks a year for Passover. This special Coke formulation does not contain the dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup (aka”poison”) because Jewish people observing Passover may not consume chamentz, which would include HFCS due to the grain (corn).

Coke purists say that this special brand of actual sugar-based Coke tastes like a Coke should and not that nasty super-sweet shit they have had since the New Coke debacle of 1985. So, it turns out, the Coke Original isn’t really the original Coke, Kosher Coke is. Original Coke is the new HFCS Coke, and New Coke, well, – do they even make that any more?

Frankly, for a company that is so “traditional” about its secret formula that has made it obstensively one of the biggest companies in the world, they sure threw it out the window quick when it became cheaper to use HFCS instead of actual sugar. My question is why don’t they produce Kosher Coke all year round and allow people who want the classic flavor to have it at a premium price? A few years ago I would have said it would be too confusing, but these days it seems that they’ll brand anything with the Coke name – which I think is marketing suicide, but I digress.

What do I know? I drink Diet Coke…. oh, with rum. (See Rum & Diet Haiku)

PS – See comments for more info on Kosher Coke for Passover. This post is not technically correct – thank you to Jabbett for the clarification.

3 thoughts on “Kosher Coke – the Real, Real Thing

  1. Close — Coca-Cola is kosher year-round, but on Passover our dietary restrictions are more serious. We can’t eat chametz (leavened items), as you’ve pointed out, but since corn isn’t a biblically-specified uber-grain, it can’t be chametz. Instead, corn, along with legumes and rice, are in a peculiar class of foods called “kitniyot,” which Jews of Eastern European descent avoid as well. Hence, we have Kosher for Passover Coke made with sugar, and not HFCS.

  2. Hi Jabbett

    Sorry I was not more clear – I was commenting on the information from the original article. Thank you for the clarification.

    (PS This blog is written by a שיקסע!)

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