Ann Coulter – Comic Genius or Shriveled-Up Bitter Cunt Face?

You be the judge…

Ya – I know, this is old news, but seriously… I don’t understand why she has even has a job, let alone become a mouthpiece for the “Wright.” Oh, maybe it’s because she’s the only old, dry, anorexic outside of Hollywood where these old geezers think they might get some? (I don’t know… it was the only thing I could think of…)

I read this fabulous blog that explained it all for me. I only wish I could explain my hatred for this woman this articulately…

Happy Birthday, Ferris Bueller


Okay, where does the time go? Do you realize that Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick, of course) is 45 years old today? Sheesh – Ferris is old? Well, Matthew Broderick may be, but Ferris is getting there.

You see, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out in the summer of 1986, right after I graduated high school. It was the perfect movie, as Ferris was a high school senior getting ready to go to college, just like me. I thought this movie was the coolest movie ever when I saw it – it was funny, well written, had great music, and spoke to me. I saw it about six times in the theater. I even bought a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off movie poster for my dorm room. Cool.

I have to say this movie has held up pretty well over the years. I still enjoy watching it and it still makes me laugh. It’s extra special to me since it takes place in Chicago, where I live now. When I moved here in 1990 I moved to the suburb where much of Ferris Bueller was filmed – Northbrook, IL. (In fact, the Northbrook town water tower still had “Save Ferris” painted on it, beleive it or not.) Over the years I did all the Ferris things – went to Cubs games, stared at the beautiful stained glass in the Art Institute, ate pancreas at Chez Quiz (it was actually called Chez Paul), drove down Lake Shore Drive on a sunny day in a convertible. Ferris rules!

Many so-called teen comedies in the 80s that I really loved at the time really suck when you watch them now (St Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night, Breakfast Club) but Ferris stands the test of time. My only problem: How can Matthew Broderick be six years older than me?

Save Ferris!