Best Music Video Ever… Period.

Come on.. it’s over 20 years old and still rules. Plus, I love the song.

Who were those ’13’ guys anyway? Mean motorcycle racers?

Oh well. It still rules.


Someone sent me this link for the Family Guy version.  I watch Family Guy a lot and hadn’t seen this before – hilarious.

Meet My List

the sexy six?

We all have that “List” – you know, the one you tell your spouse/SO about so that you are allowed to hook up with anyone on the List without repercussion. He tells you his List, you tell him yours and everyone is OK with it, because the chance of actually getting to meet the person – let alone find yourself in a position to hook up with them – are less than winning the Mega Millions. (Unless you’re a guy and Paris Hilton is on your List – you actually have a pretty good chance of that happening.)

This is my List – I had never really put them all in a collage like this, which was a very fun project, by the way. I learned a little about myself from this list. First of all, I guess I like redheads. Also, I must like people who make me laugh. And third, George Clooney is hot.

I can only remember three people on my husband’s List – Chrissie Hynde, Scarlett Johannson and Uma Thurman. I’ll have to get the full list from him later and do a compare and contrast. I wonder what would happen if two people from our respective lists hooked up???

Who’s on your List? $20 to the first person who can name everyone on mine.