Meet My Husband’s List

Well, this is it. I think guessing all these ladies might be a bit harder than my List.

Here’s what I learned: My husband likes brunettes (which I am not – although maybe technically I am…) and he likes rockin’ babes – which I am not, either. He also likes Ms Johansson, which is a little scary because I think she’s like 19 or something – something I am definitley not. Oh, well – we must respect the List. At least Paris Hilton isn’t on it!

Can you guess all six babes?

6 thoughts on “Meet My Husband’s List

  1. Technically? Oh….got it.

    Well, I was hoping someone else would guess and take the pressure off, but no, so here goes. Scarlett and Uma, natch. The “smart” angel from Charlie’s Angel’s, original version. 2 gals (or possibly the same one) from a hair-do magazine. And some gal standing in front of a netflix sign.


  2. For those who are wondering:

    1. Sarah Silverman
    2. Scarlett Johannsen
    3. Joan Jett
    4. Chrissie Hynde
    5. Parker Posey
    6. Uma Thurman

    Dog, you win the “Best of Nothing” prize!

  3. OK, now that I have their names, I still don’t know who any of them are except uma and scar. I am tragically unhip……

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