Jellied Springtime Vegetable Salad!


More yummy “molded” salads from my friends at the Recipe Institute. In honor of Spring I give you the Molded Spring Vegetable Salad. Clear gelatin, vinegar, radishes, cucumber and scallions snuggled on a soft bed of salad greens – it doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Oh – wait… what’s that sauce in the middle? Oh, it’s mayonnaise! So, I guess you slice off yourself a hunk of this Ode to Springtime and dollop a bunch of mayonnaise on top! Mmmmmm…

They also have a variation where you add cabbage and canned peas. Nothing represents Nature’s springtime bounty to me like canned peas.

2 thoughts on “Jellied Springtime Vegetable Salad!

  1. yeah, we used to have that jello concoction-crap like that all the time when I was growing up. My mom liked it so much, she had a separate set of those copperish, decorator jello molds hanging on the wall, ready to weild at a moments notice. I think it was considered stylish at that time, kind of like harvest gold or avacado colored appliances.

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