I Saw David Letterman!

I’m back! My computer problems kind of fixed themselves. Not sure how, but lets just say I’m not asking any questions if it saves me from having to spend $1,000 on a new display. Thank you Mac God!

Big news! I was in St Petersburg, FL last weekend for a weekend of racing, ending on Sunday with a 200 lap Indy car race. Now, I have absolutely no interest in any sort of car racing. It’s frankly boring to watch in person – they just go around and around, and without a TV you have no idea what the hell is going on. So, when a friend who had passes to the racing asked us to come down, my first inclination was no thanks. Then, I started thinking that maybe David Letterman would be there since he co-owns a racing team. Plus, I had never been to a race before.

The passes our friend got us were pit passes, so we could pretty much go anywhere, which was actually very cool. So, we found the Rahal Letterman team and I stalked around the pit for awhile figuring if he was there, he’s show up eventually. We hung around for almost two hours, and then sure enough right before the race I turned around and he was right there!

See? - he's smiling at me.

These pictures were taken by my husband, because I was too much of a dork to go up and talk to him. I totally blew it. We were in a pretty secure area and not too many other people were around, so I had at least a dozen opportunities to say hi, but I freaked out. He was very nice to all the people bothering him, and at one point I kind of gave him a dorky wave and I think he smiled at me.

Sigh – I blew my big chance again. Oh well – at least I got to finally see him up close and personal. Maybe next time I’ll get to tell him about the scrapbook I used to keep on him when I was in love with him at 14. Or maybe I’ll ask him if he ever got the birthday cards I used to send. Or that I was voted “Most Likely to Be On David Letterman” in high school. I could go on and on…

On second thought, it’s probably good that I didn’t talk to him.

2 thoughts on “I Saw David Letterman!

  1. yeah, his security detail might have rassled you to the ground if they thought you were gonna be like that gal that kept showing up in his house/yard, etc.

    I’m with you on the racing thing. I “might” look out my window once if they were racing in my backyard…but I doubt it. Same as golf. BOOOOOOOOOORING.
    As Bob Dylan sang on one of his talkin’ blues tunes, “I ain’t going down to no racetrack, to see no sports cars run. I don’t have no sports car, and I wouldn’t even care to have one. I can walk, anytime, around the block.”

  2. omg- you are like loud as chit, and an oportunity like this comes around and you flake?? Unreal! Eh- as the Cubs always say: maybe next year.

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