WTF? It’s @#!*@# Snowing!

WTF? It’s like a blizzard outside. It’s the middle of April, people. And don’t give me your stupid “Ha ha – that means no global warming” bullshit. Global warming doesn’t mean that it gets warmer in your hometown – it means that by the overall earth temperature rising, it fucks up all the weather, meaning everything from melting ice caps to big snow in April. Read an article that’s not in the American Spectator once in awhile.

3 thoughts on “WTF? It’s @#!*@# Snowing!

  1. I believe the all-purpose term is now “global climate change.”

    That way, cold weather in the summer, warm weather in the winter, melting ice caps, freezing ice caps, hurricanes in the summer, hurricanes in the winter, mud slides in CA, mud in your eye, el nino, la nina, hole in the ozone layer, smoke on the water, locusts in yer oatmeal… don’t matter. We covered.

  2. i just can’t listen to the dude…all the self-promotion, EIB network crap, ” “talent on loan from god,” and all the freakin’ commercials wear me out. Plus, I’m supposed to be workin’

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