“Lumberjack” Macaroni

This is one of my all-time favorite vintage recipes that I have never made. It always intrigues me – not only because of how incredibly unhealthy it is – but because in many Better Crocker Picture Cookbook editions (the undisputed Queen of the old cookbooks in my opinion) include this recipe with the following ditty:

“Mr James Ford Bell, founder of General Mills, world-traveler and epicure, made this dish himself in our test kitchen!”

Now, maybe I sound like a food snob here, but I hardly would drag this recipe out of my repertoire if I was a self-proclaimed “world traveler” and “epicure.” But then again, this is from 1961. I’m sorry there is no picture for this one. I promise to make it one day and take a photo just so we can all see what it looks like. I have to admit, it sounds kind of good!


Hot Boiled Macaroni (8 oz uncooked)
2 Cups Grated Cheddar Cheese
5 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 C. Chili Sauce
Salt and Pepper
3/4 C. Piping Hot Melted Butter

Spread Macaroni out on large hot platter. Sprinkle with cheese, Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, salt and pepper. Pour hot meleted butter over all. Mix with two forks until sauce is creamy. Serve at once on hot plates. Serves 6.

I am so glad that they didn’t care about Nutritional Information back then – I can’t even imagine the fat and calories in this dish. Also, when did we stop calling it “macaroni” and start calling it “pasta?” I like macaroni better.

If someone makes this, please let me know how it is!

10 thoughts on ““Lumberjack” Macaroni

  1. i was going to make it over the weekend, it sounds really good, but decided it would just be faster to hit myself in the heart with a big hammer….plus then i don’t have to scrub any pans

  2. I grew up on this stuff! Now my family loves it! I don’t use anywhere near the amount of butter it calls for though, and my mother’s recipe calls for 3-4 Tbs. of Worchestershire. And one tip….use the finely shredded cheese, mixing in gradually. I also Microwave it for a minute or two once it’s put together just to insure it’s hot.

  3. LOL I grew up on this too. Is this recipe still copyrighted? I’d love to include it in my tastebook 🙂

    We used velveeta, added onions and substituted chili powder for a sauce. It was my college staple!

  4. I got this yummy recipe from a guy that used to work at a group home I was at- he said it was how he and his college buddies spiced up boring mac and cheese. Our version did not include the butter, more mac and a whole jar of chili sauce

  5. It was the first dish I made as a boy back in 1964. I still make it but use less butter and use hot sauce instead of Chili sauce.

  6. Like some of the others, I grew up on this recipe, and my family would never speak to me again if I eliminated it from our holiday gatherings! I have, however, made a ‘healthier’ version by substituting the regular elbow macaroni with wheat or rice macaroni, and used half the cheese and butter. Tasted exactly the same and was less of a shock to our otherwise healthy ‘systems’, LOL!

  7. My husband grew up on this and LOVES it, as does my step son. I’m making it now for their movie night. BTW, the folks at nachounderpants are totally offensive, and really, with a name like nachounderpants, you diss lumberjack mac? Really? so, having nachos in your underpants makes you superior HOW??????? hmmmm…..

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