WTF? Who Staged this Light Bulb Package Photo?

Yes, I’m bored today.

I was changing many light bulbs yesterday (I prefer the method of letting them all burn out until we are in almost total darkness, and then changing them all at once, BTW) and noticed for some reason this odd photo on the package of Philips Longer Life Soft White 60W bulbs I got at Costco. Do you notice something strange about this photo, besides the fact that it looks like some cheap motel on Exit 38 in Northern Florida?

The package

How about now? WTF is going on in that mirror? Who staged this? Who approved it? Who printed it? Why do I care………………………………………..?


………………………….Did I mention I was bored today?

3 thoughts on “WTF? Who Staged this Light Bulb Package Photo?

  1. That’s so obvious it has to be some bored ad designer having a laugh. Well spotted.

    Hmm, but on further inspection I see the bulb in question seems to be an energy wasting incandescent!! 🙂 I instinctively look for that in all lightbulb packaging these days. Can’t help myself.

    A CFL would last much much longer even than this “longer life” bulb – thus meaning you wouldn’t have to change bulbs as often.

    Anyway, since you’re bored and have some lightbulbs on your hands….

  2. Ya know – you are right. I haven’t gotten green with the light bulbs in my life yet. I hate the way CFLs look – anything too white like flourescent bulbs drives me crazy. Ever see “Joe vs. the Volcano?”

    I do recycle, though….

  3. maybe this is way over my head, but yer referring to the parallel stems in the foreground and the crossed stems in the mirror? Sorry to be obtuse

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