Yes, This Drive’s Me Out Of My Mind

What is it with the Apostrophe and no one knowing how to use it? I see abuse all day long – from other blogs and message boards to professional signs, menus and company names. The Apostrophe S (‘s) shows possesion or contraction, people, not multiples.

These are correct usage examples of the apostrophe:

  • Sally’s tits.
  • Billy’s balls.
  • Paris Hilton’s jail cell.

These are not:

  • Hot Dog’s.
  • Martini’s.
  • Sally’s tit’s.

If I see one more time on my local menu that they are serving “Cheese Blintz’s” I may have to kill somebody.

It drive’s me nut’s.

Anyway, I found a website today where someone else hates the Apostrophe Abuse as much as I do.
———–>Check it out here.

7 thoughts on “Yes, This Drive’s Me Out Of My Mind

  1. yeah, that’s a baddie, but I really, really hate the apparent incomprehension over the proper use of your and you’re, not to the ever popular its and it’s. I suppose to and too should get a mention. And as long as I’m in a hatin’ mood, let me just add “lol,” “partners in crime,” and the needless practice of adding “on the ground” when the talking heads/pundits are so earnestly reporting on some new disaster, war, etc….

  2. never really notice that shit… mostly see the “quotes” a lot. Hate that. This dickwad at work sends out emails all the time with “lots” of this “shit”… ooooooooo I hate him. To top it off, he ends his crap-ass emails with yadda yadda… oh, excuse me… with “yadda yadda”

    …so if you need assistance, feel free to email me yadda yadda.

    DIE MOFO- DIE! I’m trying to hire someone to kill him in the parking lot

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