Subway and Their Stupid Combo Meal

My subway sandwich looks nothing like this!

I have to admit, I do like Subway. When I’m running around and need to pick up something quick, at least I feel that it is a little healthier than, say, a double whopper at Burger King. I go there quite a bit, and always get – you guessed it – a turkey sandwich! But, there’s a problem. I don’t want the stupid chips, but I do want a drink. You would think this is the end of the fucking universe when I tell them that at the end of the line. It usually goes something like this:

Subway Guy: You want the combo?
Me: No thanks. Just a drink.
Subway Guy: But it’s cheaper with the combo.
Me: I know, but I don’t want the chips.
Subway Guy: But you get the chips for cheaper!
Me: (Annoyed) Yes, I know, but I don’t want them!
Subway Guy: You don’t want chips? Even if it’s two dollars more if you don’t get them?
Me: No!!! Hey, why don’t you give me the combo price and I just won’t take the chips?
Subway Guy:(Shocked that I would ask such a question) No, I can’t do that. You have to take the chips or I have to charge you.
Me: What? Why? That makes no sense!
Subway Guy: That’s just the way it is.

Now one of two things happen – I get pissed, refuse the chips and get charged extra. Or, I take the Combo and then the chips and then I throw them away because I really don’t want the Goddamn chips, OK? I’m not just kidding and I really want them and I need them to coax me in to it. I don’t want them! I DON’T WANT THEM!

But, I feel guilty about throwing them away when I do that. I guess I could give them to someone there, but that seems weird walking around saying “Hey, want these chips?” It’s kind of like reverse panhandling. I don’t want to take them home because if I don’t want them in the first place, I certainly don’t want to take them home with me later! WTF?

I don’t even understand the logic of this setup from a business sense. Why charge people for not buying something? It makes no sense. Aren’t you really just hurting yourself with this insane practice? Aren’t you really losing money on the people who are getting the combo? If it’s an incentive to buy the combo, then give the fucking chips away for free and make it the same price if I take them or not. Someone explain what I am missing here.

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just shove the chips into a mailbox or something near the Subway. Maybe the mailguy wants ’em?

5 thoughts on “Subway and Their Stupid Combo Meal

  1. well, you’re just that very special person who doesn’t want the stinkin’ chips. It’s like, almost unamerican…

    It is an odd business model though. Imagine if we woulda used that tactic:

    DT guy or gal: “do you want NCOA with that merge/purge?”
    Customer: “naw, i’m in kinda a hurry, just gimme the m/p”
    DT guy or gal: “you don’t want the NCOA?”
    Cust. “no…”
    DT guy or gal “but it’s cheaper if you take the package, we’re even including LACS and DSF this month at no extra charge”
    Cust: “yeah…no”
    DT guy or gal: “ok, but I’m gonna have to charge you extra to hold the NCOA…”
    Cust: “you know what? Never mind….I’m gonna call Metromail”

  2. At the local Subway’s, I purchased a foot-long Combo, (extra $2.20 for the combo- 21oz soda and chips), but instead of charging me the $2.20, they charge me for each individual item which comes out an extra $0.08. 8 cents is not much, but it’s the principle. They do that at another Subway close by- anyone notice that they seem to have a scam going on to steal 8 cents per order? Today, I actually went in and ordered their breakfast combo, ($3.00, plus (2) cookies at $0.98 + tax at 10%), the price should have come out to $4.38, yet they charged me $4.93. When I later went up and questioned them, they said, “…oh, for specials, we need to price over-ride them…” Again, is this a scam? How many people is this happening to? So, if one person out of a hundred catch them, they just say “oopsy…my mistake”.

  3. Shameful. Today I told the cashier/manager that I thought the price was a bit high for the combo. After he assured me it was correct, I asked for the reciept. He charged each item separately…no price break for the combo:
    Sandwich 6.75, drink 1.69, chips .99, total 9.43. Like most people, I got the combo because I thought it was a better value. I didn’t want the chips…

  4. Yup, I also have problems with them charging you for “extra” cucumbers and not being willing to then give you a discount for the 5 or 6 vegetables that you took none of. How’s that a fair trade?

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