Behold the Frankfurter Crown!

Ahhh, yes – the regal Frankfurter Crown!  Passed down from generations of Disgusting Casseroles!  What, you may ask, is that creamy white center made out of?  How about cream of chicken soup, green beans, bacon, milk, potatoes and onion?  Our helpful friends at the Casserole Card Company suggest the perfect menu including the Frankfurter Crown:

Frankfurter Crown
Cole Slaw
Rhubarb Pie

Mmmmmmm….  Perfect for a baby shower!

4 thoughts on “Behold the Frankfurter Crown!

  1. Have you noticed a certain “sameness” to all the recipes from this era? I used to wonder why they all looked alike and used so many of the same ingredients (like cream of chicken soup, green beans, Jello, etc.), then it hit me. I think this is all “bomb shelter” food, recipes using the typical ingredients you would stock in your bomb shelter for post-WWIII survival.

    Not sure how well the cooking will progress after the cans of sterno and all the candles are finally used up, but you could eat like a king for the first few days before the frankfurters and bacon go bad.

    And even in the endless dark, mixed cold right out of the can, recipes using condensed milk, cream of chicken and green beans will still be “getting it done” for all you lucky survivors of the nuclear war.

  2. I never thought about that… but there’s probably something to it. Did you ever see the bad movie “Blast from the Past” with Brendan Frasier and Alicia Silverstone? It’s about a guy who lived in a bomb shelter with his parents for 40 years. He comes out for supplies and hilarity ensues.

  3. Tiffany–
    You have made my day. I received an old box of recipes about 10 years ago from a clueless coworker who thought she found a goldmine when she raided her grandma’s old recipe stash. She gave me the exact box of recipes that you clearly have here, with lots of molds and “crowns” and a “healthy” section that makes you 5 pounds heavier just by reading it.

    I chose one of my favorites, the “Frankfurter Crown” to make for a work party, and it was my trademark. However, years have passed, and I have since lost that box of recipes. Tonight it was my hope that I could find some other soul who had come across this horrifying concoction and was regaling the beauty of it for others. You rock. Thanks.

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