The “New” AT&T Sucks


Okay, I’ve had my cell phone number for something like 15 years now, and over that time my cellular companies have changed hands from Cellular One , AT&T Wireless, Cingular and now back to The “New” AT&T. So, I’m on vacation in the Virgin Islands and I lose my phone. I honestly didn’t even notice it was missing until the day before we went home, because the cell service is spotty at best and being on vacation condusive to making phone calls. I don’t think much about it. Big mistake.

I get home and call AT&T to suspend the phone pending my getting a new phone. Then I get my bill. Turns out some fucker stole my phone and had it for 7 days before I called it in! He must have been from Dominica and is a total fucking asshole because not only did he call all his pals in Dominica, but also downloaded a lot of fun stuff like “Wild Pillowfight Girls” and “Miami Nights: Singles in Heat”. To the tune of $450.00. Who the hell watches soft core porn on a RAZR? I guess some idiot from Dominica does.

So, I figure that it’s like a credit card – because the phone was obviously stolen I’m not liable for the fraudulent charges, right? Not according the the “New” AT&T! I call Customer Service where they tell me that because I didn’t call it in for the week I didn’t know it was missing, I have to pay all of the $450! WTF? I use my credit card analogy where the most you are ever liable for is $50, but I got the old CSR scripted answer that they were very sorry I felt this way but there was nothing they could do. I calmly explained that it really wasn’t fair since it is obvious from my 15 years of records that not only have I never called Dominica, (where everything after the 30th was only to Dominica) but also I have never used their handy “Direct Bill” feature to download anything, let alone “Centerspread Girls 3” It’s obviosuly fraud, but they couldn’t have cared less. At one point the CSR practiacally accused me of lying to get out of the charges!

Eventually, by keeping calm (harder to do than it sounds) and telling her that I was now going to switch providers because this policy, I wore her down enough to agreee to take 1/3 off the bill. This means I still get to pay $300 out of my own pocket becasue Mr Dominica needed jerk off on my 3.5 x 2.5 sceen for free. And AT&T sucks.

The good news? I got to order my iPhone! And I’ve gotten some jollies out of calling the numbers on my bill and saying, “Usted tiene un amigo que sea ladrón. Él robó mi teléfono y es un asshole. Vete a la mierda!” The bad news – I have to stick with AT&T since they are the only providers for the iPhone until 2009 or something. But, AT&T still sucks in my book.


8 thoughts on “The “New” AT&T Sucks

  1. you know, any compliments going either way between you and I are hard to come by, but the new all work and no play guy needed a break and I decided to visit your blog…..I have to say your rant here made me laugh and sometimes venting anger (even if someone else is doing the venting) is the best remedy for the blues….by the way, I enjoyed the spanish lesson also

    Usted tiene un amigo que sea ladrón. Él robó mi teléfono y es un asshole. Vete a la mierda!”

    one of my new favorite lines….. “es un asshole. Vete a la mierda!”

  2. i’m surprised you didn’t tell ’em to “pound sand” and “sue me cause I ain’t payin’…”

    You must have really wanted that iphone.

  3. Don’t pay them. They’re crooks and liars. They actually are SBC, the worst telecom in this country. The real culprit is the FCC that allowed this debacle. Wonder what the payoffs were.

  4. It was smart to not get a contract with them. I previously had Cingular Wireless and was a customer when it was switched to AT&T. I have had problems with Cingular and AT&T for over a year. Once my contract was up I switched to T-Mobile. T-mobile unfortunately did not have the coverage I needed so my mother (who has AT&T) told me since she has the family plan she could add me for $9.95 per month. Since I knew they had the coverage I needed and I could be on her plan without having a contract. I went to the store and talked to the salesperson and told him what I needed, he told me he would need my mother there which I said was fine because she was on her way there. When she got there she told the salesperson the same thing I had said. He said that would be fine and we started the process for that. I was trying to pick a phone and he said he could get the same phone I had had with T-Mobile which was a Blackberry Pearl. A day ago I got a bill (in my name) for 166.66. I called and found out the salesperson had reactivated my old service plan and signed me up for a 2-year agreement. I told them that was not what I wanted and I told them what it was we had wanted. They said my mother would have to call another number to add me. They seemed to have no problem with that. My mother and I decided that we would not deal with a company who will sign their customers up to things which they don’t agree to. We went to Verizon and switched phones. We went to AT&T to cancel our service and my mother paid her $175 cancelation fee since she had signed a contract. They are now trying to charge me a cancelation fee even though I never agreed to a contact, never signed, or verbally or in any other way. They tried to say I had to have signed or verbally agreed to it and when they checked I hadn’t. Then they said I had left with a discounted phone so that binded me to a 2-year contract. I have refused to pay the bill because they are trying to steal money from me. I told them I would pay for the service I had used but I refuse to pay a contract cancelation fee for a contract I didn’t agree to. I hope no one else gets trapped in this type of bull. In 2 days I have spoken with 5 people over the phone and 2 people in the store and still have not gotten the problem resolved.

  5. I used to work for AT&T. I now work for Verizon. When I quit at that shit hole they call a company, my boss’s boss charged my bill 190 something dollars stating that I had put a credit on my account that they had no evidence that I did. Which, was funny since I never had any access to perform credits on any account let alone my own. I wound up having to pay it. I then got my most recent bill and they told me I had never paid my last bill when it shows up on mky bank statement as paying the bastards. I still think the best is that they keep fighting me about letting me out of the contract when I get no reception at my house. Their map tools always say the have coverage everywhere, but yet i drop more calls with them than I ever did with Verizon. They’re bastards.

  6. I moved to a new address last month and asked ATT to transfer my phone number to my new address. After moving, ATT claimed they had to give me a temporary number and proceeded to charge me for it and then charge me for CHANGING the temporary number to my old existing number. I’m not paying for something I didn’t ask for. I did

    NOT ask for the temporary number nor did I ask for a number change. I simply asked them to TRANSFER my existing number to a new address.

    That’s the first problem. The second problem is with the quad package I ordered. I ordered landline service, wireless cellphone service, dishnetwork tv, and DSL for about $180 a month. So far, ATT has billed me separately for the landline service and a whopping $343 for cellphone service that doesn’t even work half the time!!

    The third problem is that ATT is preventing my ISP from giving me the SAME EXACT DSL service I had before I ordered the quad package. After telling me I would have to pay a $100 deposit to get DSL, ATT cancelled the DSL part of the quad package and reduced it to a triad package so that I could continue with my ISP’s DSL service. But my isp says that ATT refuses to let them give me the DSL service I had before I moved. (My isp orders DSL through ATT.) ATT told my ISP that DSL wasn’t in my area even though I moved just two blocks away. I called ATT to ask why, and they said DSL IS indeed available in my area, that I don’t have to pay a $100 deposit anymore, and that they
    put in an order for me. I believe this violates FCC Rules since they are preventing my ISP from giving me service that i had and want to continue to use.

    I am not paying this outrageous bill. They’re charging me a month in advance for things I DON’T have, CAN’T use, and apparently CAN’T have.

    Whoever heard of a $343 cellphone bill?? I only had it since July 12th or something??

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