Being On the Wagon Sucks

i miss you

So I was on a month-long bender because we were in the Virgin Islands for 3 weeks, came home for a wedding that was on 7/7/07, then turned around and went to Rehoboth Beach, Deleware for our anniversary on 7/11. By the time we got home, I think my liver had actually started to hurt. It’s probably not a good sign when you can feel your liver hurting. OK, I didn’t feel it hurting, but I was definitely hurting. I am too old to be partying for a month – that much is clear. So, we decide to shape up and go on the wagon for a couple of weeks as well as eat well and try and exercise more. Hooray for clean living!

Well, here I am starting week #2 and basically being on the wagon sucks. I’ve never been so crabby. Maybe it’s easier in the wintertime when you’re basically a hermit for four months, but during the summer everything is condusive to a drink or two. Golfing = beers. Neighborhood Fesitval = beers. Dining al fresco = wine. Baseball Game = beers. Summer Party = cocktails. We have had to go to all of the above since committing to The Wagon. It sucks!

I actually tried an O’Douls at dinner the other night. It didn’t taste too bad, but what’s the point? Nobody drinks beer because it tastes great… Remember the first time you had a sip of beer as a child? It’s definitely an acquired taste. If you couldn’t get a buzz off a beer I doubt that it would be around today. But, I digress.

The longest I was on the wagon before was a few years ago when we decided to do 30 days. We made it to day #28 and made the mistake of going to the horse track. About halfway through the day, we both looked at eachother and headed to the bar. If there’s anything that facilitates drinking more than betting, I sure as hell don’t know what it is.

So, next week we can go off the wagon, with moderation of course. Hopefully my insides will have had a rest and my brain cells have fired back up. At least I can say I did it, right?

8 thoughts on “Being On the Wagon Sucks

  1. “Who brought the Coors Cutter?” Remember that?

    Look forward to seeing you soon at the Rocky Mountain Letdown!

  2. i gave up beer for lent once….longest 40 days of my life.

    I’ve drank until my kidneys hurt, but liver…, that’s heavy-duty.

  3. OK – So the CUTTER came from someone that was invited to the New Year’s Eve party and I think they were on the wagon. Oops! The sad part is that someone at the party (not mentioning any names) drank one and “acted” drunk. What a sorry sap…………..

  4. Actually, someone at the party drank two or three and acted WASTED until someone else helpfully pointed out that the party acting wasted was actually holding and drinking a Coors Cutter. I wonder how the poor shmo on the wagon felt when he went to get his Cutter out of the fridge and they were half gone?


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