Presenting the Crown Roast Dinner!

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I think I’ve figured out that anytime they use the word “Crown” in a vintage recipe, it’s code for “Disgusting.” (See previous entry on the Frankfurter Crown.)

This time we have the lovely Crown Roast Dinner from my old favorite 1953 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. A better name for this would be Glistening Crown of Spam because, yes, that is 4 blocks of Spam making up the crown. And not just any old Spam – oh no! This is Spam that has been glazed with Orange Marmalade and baked for glistening goodness! Then, you arrange the crown around some boiled canned potatoes, frozen asparagus, mayonnaise (of course), canned pineapples and strawberries! Now there’s an interesting combination.

I don’t understand the fascination with canned and frozen products in the 50s. Did they not have anything fresh? Or was it just the ease of preperation for the Happy Housewife, zoned out on dexies all day, needing something quick and easy to satisfy her hungry man when he gets home? In any case, I can’t imagine that this would taste good – even if you did have a couple martinis beforehand.

2 thoughts on “Presenting the Crown Roast Dinner!

  1. fried spam is actually half-way decent. Plus, you’ll live a few years more due to all the preservatives and other random chemicals they use.

    Plus, canned spam is mighty good bomb-shelter food, a big concern back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

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