Et Tu Apple?

I love my Mac. Yes, I am one of those annoying Mac freaks who drank the KoolAid when it comes to Apple products and service. I even dropped my iPod into the toilet once and Apple sent me a brand new one in three days, no questions asked and no charge. Well, things have broken down in La La Land.

My three year old Cinema display broke a few weeks ago and I lugged it along with my G5 down to the Apple store to see what the problem was. All I knew was that I couldn’t see anything and I wasn’t sure if it was the display or the video card. The guy at the Genius Bar was very nice and we figured out in a few minutes that it was the display that went bad. No problem – they’ll send it off to get repaired (for $450) and I’ll have it back within three days. Sure enough – it shows up on my doorstep three days later! What great service, right?

Wrong. It shows up minus half the power cord. They sent back everything except the part I need that is between the power box and the display. I call customer service and I get India. I hate that. Out of all the companies around, I never thought Apple would be the one to outsource customer service to India. I don’t know why I thought that – I guess it’s because when I hear the guy on the other end of the line is from India, there is some sort of subcontext to me that says, “We don’t care about helping the customer – we want to save money.”

So after talking to “Bashwanishan, But You Can Call Me Bill” a couple of times and telling them what the problem is, I then get a new power cord in the mail. The wrong half of the power cord. It’s the half I already have! Aggh! So I call again and explain the problem – and I realize I’m getting nowhere. The Indian CSRs are nice enough, but it’s fairly obvious after you’ve talked to more than one or two that they really have no idea what you are talking about – they are just reading from the big white Mac CSR Script Sheet on their desk. I seriously doubt that any of them have actually seen the physical equipment they claim to be helping you with. This is very annoying – and there is no way around it.

Finally, after a few weeks of this – I call again yesterday and talk to a nice lady and explain my problem yet again. I am getting increasingly frustrated because without my display I cannot work. She admits to me that “she is not very technical” (So why are you working in a computer call center again?) and finally agrees to transfer me to a Tech person at Apple. In the US of A. The tech person solved the problem in about 10 seconds.

Turns out I am the idiot – I had the cord all along – it was part of the cord that hooks to the video card. I had just forgotten about it since there was a hole in the back of the display and a hole in the back of the power box I thought I was missing something that I wasn’t. Stupid me. But, I can’t help but think that if the India CSRs knew what they were talking about, they would have told me this two weeks ago instead of sending me the wrong parts and telling me that they were ordering parts that don’t even exist!

This is not good customer service and I am saddened that Apple chooses to go this route along with everyone else. They went down a few notches in my book.

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