Happy 40 Beej


A special Happy 40th birthday to one of my best friends, Beej!
The rest of the gang’s right behind you!

3 thoughts on “Happy 40 Beej

  1. I kind of look like I am “in love!” I think it may have been too many Grey Goose au Poires. That was our big night out at Elway’s last year where we were shown the “Sho-Bal” table. (Beej says she and Mark always get the ‘Short-Bald’ table when they dine in nice restaurants – meaning the crappiest one by the restroom.)

  2. You do look a bit enamoured of Beej, but really who isn’t? I love the Sho-Bal theory!

    Wish you were going to be with us to celebrate Beej’s b-day!

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