ALERT: The Kraft Spiral Racket


Yep – it’s true. My friends at have ripped the lid off the spiral macaroni and cheese conspiracy! It seems that Spiral Mac n Cheese costs 37 cents more per box than good old traditional elbow Mac n Cheese, and weighs 1.75 oz less. That breaks down to 24% fewer noodles, with a 133% price increase.

My favorite part of this story?

Obviously, cheese spirals are a technological marvel and Kraft needs to recoup the cost of building an entire spiral factory, not to mention the research and development.

Ha ha … very funny. But seriously, fuck the spirals. I only like the elbows anyway – anything else and it doesn’t seem like Kraft Mac and Cheese to me. And, have you ever had an “off” brand Mac and Cheese? Back when I was a young 20-something, broke and living in Chicago, I couldn’t afford the expensive Kraft stuff. I had to buy the Town House brand. It was just plain awful, but it was half the price of Kraft. It seems only Kraft has unlocked the secret to the neon-orange goodness of processed cheese powder. Well, that and Cheetos.

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