How to Get Top Blog Billing

Interesting Fact:
Did you know the three top searches that somehow end up on this blog are….

3. “Britney Underpants”
2. “Liver Hurting”
1. “KFC Coleslaw Recipe”

I wonder what that says about me, actually.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Top Blog Billing

  1. I “lost” you as I recently got a new laptop (now with “Vista,” oh joy….), and all my bookmarks went south. I remembered yer blog was called Turkey Sangwich, so I did a search and found a whole bunch of peep with turkey sandwich blogs but none that were you. They, relying on one of my last remaining memory cells, I recalled that were also nacho underpants….and “voila”

  2. It started going south for me after your very humorous CSU/CU post. I wanted to reply that my middle daughter tried to go to CSU for summer school when she was interning in Loveland but they weren’t offering what she needed for her graduation requirements.

    Regardless, we drove around the campus, and downtown Ft. Collins, and it looked like a pretty swell college town to us.

    Then things kinda blew up at the shop and, like the butcher who accidentally backed into the meat grinder, I got a little behind in my work…

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