AMC’s “Mad Men” is Awesome

When I heard they were making a show about two of my favorite things, advertising and the early 60s, I was probably already hooked. But, happily, the show is awesome. Created by one of the Executive Producers of The Sopranos, this show is smart, interesting, and extremely well written and acted. I feel like I am transformed into it each week while I am watching. I can’t wait a week between episodes!

If you haven’t seen it already, order it from OnDemand or download it from iTunes. It’s worth every minute of your time, and better than The Sopranos in my opinion.

3 thoughts on “AMC’s “Mad Men” is Awesome

  1. I tried it once but watching all the people smoking gave me a vicarious pain in my lungs. “Good Night and Good Luck,” is also loaded up with some prodigious smokers if that happens to be your Thang. Or any french film for that matter….man, them peep smoke like chimneys.

  2. Ya – there is a lot of smoking and drinking, but that’s the way it was. I read in an interview with the main guy that someone emailed him after the premiere and said he counted that he smoked 78 cigarettes in that one episode alone!

  3. Thankfully the cigarettes are herbal cigarettes, which I don’t think are that much easier on the lungs, but they don’t have nicotine. Smoking 78 nicotine cigarettes in a few hours would probably give you a terrible headache and make you puke, sweat, and other things that would interfere with acting.

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