Karma Wins Again


So, I am a Volkswagen nut. I always have been. My parents’ first car that they got brand new when they got married was a sky blue 1967 Beetle. My first car was a 1972 orange Beetle. I learned how to drive a stick shift on that car. In college I had a 1982 Jetta, then I had a 1984 Rabbit convertible and then traded up to a 1997 Cabrio. I sold that a few years ago, but now I have a few collectibles to show for my VW obsession. I have a 1969 red Beetle convertible that my husband had and gave to me a few years ago, a 1969 butter yellow Karmann Ghia convertible and a 1969 tan Notchback. I just love the way they look and sound and smell. All classic VWs have that awesome smell.

There was a big car show this weekend in my local town and I entered my Notchback to be judged. Frankly, I kind of knew it was a crap shoot, as I live in a snooty area and a lot of people have a lot of nice collector cars around here that are way out of my league. But, it was for a good cause, and I love car shows and it was at a nice golf course here in town.

I find out that my Notchback is relegated to the category called “Thinking Outside the Box”, meaning that we don’t fit in with any of the rest of the groups. They should have called it “Goofy Car Group in a Show of Million Dollar Cars.” So, my group is fun — it’s got an Amphicar (half car/half boat), a Isetta, a Messerschmitt, a Nash Metropolitan, and lo and behold a beautiful restored 1958 Beetle. I am excited about the Beetle because it’s the only other Volkswagen in the whole show. Turns out the owner is a total jag.

First off he won’t talk to us, but he manages to tell one of the show workers that my car is from Canada and he knows quite a lot about Volkswagens. (So I guess we are all impressed, right?) Then, he starts ragging on my Notch because the sign says it’s 100% original, but it technically isn’t because although everything else is original, the car has been repainted. OK, so sue me, but I had two choices on the form: Original or Restored. I picked Original. But, he moans to anyone that will listen (including the judges) because I guess he must have been worried that I may win a prize over him or something! You could tell he was the typical Trophy Hound– all he cares about is winning at any cost, even if it’s tearing me down. What an ass.

Anyway, karma’s a bitch, eh? He didn’t win the category (nor did I) but the Messerschmitt did. I was glad the jerk lost — he deserved it. And the show? We were a little outclassed by most of the cars there, but it was still a good time.

I think I’ll stick to VW shows where hopefully my little Notch will get the love and admiration it deserves. And, if I see Mr Asswipe again, I’ll be sure and tell the rest of the Beetle guys what a little baby he is.

2 thoughts on “Karma Wins Again

  1. …visualizes that FarSide cartoon where the Big G is reaching for the shaker labled JERKS while thinking “just to keep things interesting”

    I had friend in college with an old bug (late 50’s, early 60’s) with much of the floor rusted through. This was inconvenient because if you dropped any change on the floor, well, there went yer beer money. OTOH, it was equally good for keeping a six pack cold in the winter, for the same reason.

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