Boycott TBS!!!


OK – not really.  I just wrote that because I’m pissed off at TBS and that will be a good Google search headline.

They moved Seinfeld on their schedule! WTF???? Now it’s on at 4-5 instead of 5-6. Who fucking watches tv at 4pm unless your under the age of 10, sick, or unemployed? Then they have one Friends and then three Everybody Loves Raymonds. Who the hell wants to watch an hour and a half of that show? I watched Seinfeld on TBS every day while making dinner for the past 3 years! How can they do this to me?

I am not watching TBS any more until they move it back. I guess I’ll have to watch the local Fox affiliate at 6:30 instead.

You suck, TBS — and you have too many commercials.

11 thoughts on “Boycott TBS!!!

  1. “three Everybody Loves Raymonds. Who the hell wants to watch an hour and a half of that show?”

    I read this play by Jean-Paule Sartre (sp?) called NO EXIT, about these 3 people in Hell. It’s a man and two women, and Hell consists of them spending eternity together in one apartment that there is NO EXIT from.

    3 straight “Raymond’s” may not be eternity, but it would begin to feel like NO EXIT to me.

  2. They are getting rid of the Atlanta Braves coverage to show reruns of Seinfeld, Raymond, Friends, Sex and the City, Family Guy and the Office. Seriously? Thats better than showing our national past time? What a joke. I hope TBS executives get fired immediately and I hope anyone who reads this message will refuse to watch TBS! I hope their ratings just plummet and the station goes out of business.

  3. Ummmmm… okay. Not sure what that has to do with my Seinfeld moving time slots, but whatever floats your boat. Actually, I hate it when they play the Braves, because that means they preempt Seinfeld.

    Thanks for the comment, though!

  4. Just thought I’d post a comment here because I really am boycotting TBS (but for a different reason). they’re getting out of hand with the mid-show bottom of the screen snippets. i linked to that post in my blog.

  5. Vanilla and Sexy – thanks for all the AWESOME comments, dudes. Yes, I believe I will get over it. Thanks for the advice – now I can get on with my life!


  6. Dude don’t say that! I started a boycott against TBS and now Tbs COMES IN REALLY WAVY AND DISTORTED!
    i WOULDN’t watch this piece of shit station except for the Office anyway let us know if they disrupt you service.

  7. tbs got pissed because my cable provider wouldn’t pay more, according to my cable provider they dropped some of turner broadcasting but was suppose to keep tbs, cable company said turner got mad at them because they won’t pay for all turners station so they blocked the reception for tbs, now i’m missing nl baseball championship series, damn you turner, you suck

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