Oh Fuck! It’s Mr. Yuk!

I ran across this YouTube video of scary Mr. Yuk and almost shit my pants watching it again! In case you don’t remember, Mr. Yuk was invented in the 70s to scare little children out of drinking poisonous substances left casually around the house. They would give little Mr Yuk stickers out at the grocery store and you would stick them on the bleach, cleaners, nail polish, ammonia and other assorted dangers around the house. (No child-proof locked cabinets for us, you pansies!)

Anway, in conjunction with the stickers, they helpfully ran this public service announcement duiring all our Saturday morning cartoons to remind us that Mr. Yuk is scary and mean. It worked too well, I think — as it still scares the crap out of me 35 years later.

Sad, but true: It seems they don’t use Mr Yuk any more, as today’s soccer-playing, juice-box-drinkin’, seat-belt-wearing children would most likely be scarred for life if they had to watch something like this. (Actually it’s because they did some study in the 80s that says that it didn’t work any better than no sticker or something…) Whatever! It worked for me – I’m still traumatized by a bottle of Pine Sol!

I guess today’s children prefer to poison themselves slowly with McDonald’s three times a week and become obese by they time they are 12 – even with the soccer and juice boxes.

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