The Perfect 70s Mold Meal!


Yes, I am obsessed with the molds. I don’t know why – maybe because they are so completely bizzare and disgusting. Or, perhaps it’s because back in the day they seemed to be so enamored with gelatin – they would put anything in it. Meat, fish, fruit, nuts, vegetables – nothing is off-limits with the crazy gelatin mold!

I found these two under the “Low Calorie Dishes” section in my giant McCalls Recipe Card collection from 1974. I thought maybe they could go together as a delicious gelatin-themed meal! The Molded Shrimp Salad has unflavored gelatin, skim milk, mayonnaise (of course), chili sauce, lemon juice, green onion, tarragon, shrimp, celery and lettuce. It’s kind of like a milky Bloody Mary suspended in a pink quivering mass.

The Pineapple Orange Dessert Mold is fairly straightforward with OJ, flavored jello, pineapple and orange chunks and egg whites. Wait – egg whites? Hmmmm…. that must give it that extra firm consistency.

Actually, after reading the ingredients, I don’t think it so much “low calorie” as I wouldn’t eat much of it, so therefore the calories I consume would be low.

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