Tales from the Olive Garden: Part One – To Care or Not to Care


When I was first out of college, I moved to Chicago and couldn’t get a job right away. So, I did what any 21 year old who is offputting real life does: I got a job waiting tables at the Olive Garden. In fact, I worked there for a over a year. I learned a lot of things in that year – but most of all I learned that the general public are complete and utter assholes.

My first week, I got a table of 6. I was still learning the ropes and this big table was one of the first ones I ever had. It was a family of two adults and 4 kids. Every single item was “special ordered” for the little brats. Carter wants plain spaghetti with no sauce, Morgan wants plain spaghetti with butter and cheese, Brandon wants cheese ravioli with no sauce,but melted mozzarella on top, etc. etc. etc. So, every single time I come back to the table, the Mom barks 10 things they want from me. Carter needs more Coke. Morgan wants extra cheese. Bring more breadsticks. Bring more butter. Bring another iced tea. More napkins. An extra fork! Bla bla bla!

I keep coming back, but I keep forgetting the extra butter because she is confusing me with all the different things she keeps asking for. So, the third time I come back with a tray full of stuff and yet again forgot the butter, the Mom stands up and completely starts to scream at me in the middle of the restaurant about how stupid I must be if I can’t remember something as simple as extra butter. The entire restaurant goes quiet while she goes off on me. The little brats are just smiling as they throw piles of spaghetti on the floor. I stand there for a minute, and then I say something like, “I am sorry that I forgot the butter, but it’s just that your family is very demanding!” and storm off. I went into the back and, yup – I started to cry. I felt so stupid because I did care that I forgot the stupid butter. I refused to go back to the table, and one of the managers took over for me. I got no tip.

Now, like I said, this was my first week, so I was new. I didn’t understand that customers treat you like shit whether you try or not. So, I learned a valuable lesson that day: I quit caring. And, that’s when the fun began. Oy, the stories!

Tune in next time!

Click here for Part 2

2 thoughts on “Tales from the Olive Garden: Part One – To Care or Not to Care

  1. Hi! I don’t know if this is where it goes, but I was reading your blog? About Olive Garden… I just started working there and I have got to say in the Area I am in, Woodlands ( North Suburbs Of Houston, Texas ) It isn’t as bad for me as you. I have had those old ladies… man can I relate. People aren’t generally that bad over here, but the free cake is out the window, we put candles on the mints, thats the only free stuff :). I was actually looking for the New Olive Garden Birthday Song. Now adays though, they are all about pushing the upsale, bringing a bottle to every table… suggesting beer or another alcholic beverage, and waste management is a pain. I got Wrote up for not using a tray to carry one glass to a table three steps from the drink station. Oh well, I am 19 years old and so far this job seems fun, can I take it another year or so… I guess we’ll see. Probably will favorite this site, you just got a new fan!

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