Gotta Love the Star Wars Beauty Pageant Contestant!

I know this has been making the rounds today, but I had to post it as well. It’s some local beauty pageant from the 80s where the talent of one Miss Stacey Hedger has to be seen to be believed. She plays the trumpet and “acts out” Star Wars — all in one presentation! Not only is she completely off key, but her cool dance moves to the Disco version of Star Wars really takes the act to a whole new level. I wonder how long it will take the internet community to find Miss Stacey, the star of this viral video.

The sad twist? I think I had this Star Wars record. I was all into Star Wars when it came out (I was 9) and saw this LP (look it up) in the bargain bin at Woolworths (look that up, too.) I got it home and soon realized why it was in the bargain bin – it was all redone recordings from some crappy unknown studio orchestra group – not the real recording from the movie. I was had. And, I had spent a nice chunk of my saved-up generous allowance of 50 cents a week on that peice of crap record.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Love the Star Wars Beauty Pageant Contestant!

  1. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for her talent event, Stacey thinks “hey, I played the trumpet a little in grade school, and I’ve been in lots of school plays….I know, I’ll play the theme from Star Wars, that’s really hot now. And, and I can even act our some of the parts. Yeah……..that’s the ticket.”

    Hey, I hope you kept those crappy LPs, they’re probably worth a ton of dough on ebay. I mean, look at what people are spending on Jetsons lunch boxes and the like.

  2. I wish I had them. Unfortunately, my parents – ever anxious to get rid of anything assocated with me – unceremoniously threw them out when I moved to Chicago. I had quite an awesome collection of one-hit wonders and K-Tel complilations. Yet another thing I have to thank my mom and dad for.

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