Fish Heads Don’t Wear Sweaters

I’m at a loss for words here – but I do remember hearing this on Dr. Demento when I was in Junior High. (The song doesn’t start until around 2:25, so skip the artsy beginning if you want to get right to it.)

Ahhh… Dr Demento – how I miss you on Sunday nights.

6 thoughts on “Fish Heads Don’t Wear Sweaters

  1. wow…..

    1. Dr. Demento was the best. Is that even on anymore?
    2. Loved that “flash gordon” type architecture at the beginning of the deal. Those Flash Gordon black and white movies used to rock.
    3. Read this book called “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch,” in which Ivan is in the gulag in Siberia, working on building a power plant somewhere in the frozen tundra of the USSR. It’s so cold outside that he and his fellow prisoners have to keep the mortar stirred over a fire to keep it from freezing. Anyway, as old Ivan struggles to keep body and soul together in the brutal conditions, he looks forward to his one meal of the day, a crappy crust of black bread and some watery soup with possibly a piece of turnip or onion in it. But then, joy of joys, he finds a fish head in his soup. A roly poly fish head…eat it up, yum. I believe “A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch” is actually the inspiration behind this song.

  2. I looked it up, and it looks like Dr Demento is still going strong – although he is not syndicated by Westwood One any longer. He also has a website where you can listen to the show via audio streaming. Ah, technology. I used to listen to his show each week on my lovely clock radio, where I would make my own mixed tapes by taping off the clock radio with my cool cassette tape recorder. I was such an audiophile – fine quality those tapes were.

  3. You might recognize Bill Paxton if you watch Big Love on HBO. He directed this and appears in it.

    According to Wikipedia this aired during Saturday Night Live’s low-rated 1980-1981 season on the episode hosted by Ellen Burstyn (with musical guests Aretha Franklin and Keith Sykes)

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