Chicken Livers ‘n Eggs!

clucky clucky!

This must be “fancy” since it’s supposed to be for “Sundays at Home” – mmmmm Chicken Livers ‘n Eggs! I don’t know why, but I don’t like mixing different chicken parts together with eggs. It just seems disconcerting to me for some reason. Kind of like there is a reason you never really see a chicken omelette on the menu.

One thought on “Chicken Livers ‘n Eggs!

  1. yeah, i’m with you on that. I remember seeing some movie where the heroine is making this super special banquet for all the people of this small icelandic town. She had won the lottery or something, and was suddenly rich, and wanted to thank the kind folks who had accepted her…or something, the details are sketchy.

    Anyway, one of the swell dishes she prepared were these roasted quails, stuffed with hardboiled quail eggs, presented in a nest of noodles or lettuce or something.

    Like i said, the details are a little foggy, but I thought the eggs stuffed in the quail or partridge or pigeon or whatever the hell is was just seemed wrong somehow….

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