Macaroni Supper Casserole


Okay, besides the fact that this looks like something from the Lorena Bobbitt Cookbook, it doesn’t sound that bad. I like macaroni. I like hot dogs. I like cheese. I like onions. I like cauliflower.

But… then I read the recipe, and the first ingredient is:
One Can of Macaroni and Cheese.
Hmmmm…. WTF is a can of Macaroni and Cheese?

Another fine example of Midwest Cooking thanks to my friends at McCalls.

5 thoughts on “Macaroni Supper Casserole

  1. We had our company xmas party at a vintage bowling alley last year. The grub was your typical bar food: chicken fingers, nachos, sliders, raw veg. dip, etc. Then I saw this big tray that looked like rice crispy treats, except that the rice crispies were too big. Turns out it was fried mac and cheese….yum.

  2. I love your blog and I love frightening vintage recipes. Just thought I would mention that if you haven’t seen or heard of it, you would probably love the book Retro Food Fiascos by Kathy Casey. I just picked it up tonight and I am in pain from reading it.

    I only caught one recipe in the book that I have seen before and that is the notorious liver sausage pineapple…. one day I will be invited to a potluck full of people I dislike and I WILL be making that! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info – I will definitley pick up that book – it sounds right up my alley!

    One day, I too hope to serve the liver sausage pineapple to some unsuspecting people just to see what happens.


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