Special Recipe to End 2007


I know I haven’t blogged for awhile – but it’s been pretty hectic with the holidays and everything.  We had a great Christmas Eve with Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits and a Chocolate Pecan Tart.   I have to admit, I am totally Christmassed-out.  I think it was that extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year that did it.  I can’t eat or drink one more molecule.


To bring us to the end of 2007 and ring in 2008 right, I am posting one of my favorite recipes from my famous McCalls Great American Recipe Card Collection.  This wonderful meatfest is called Chili and Meatball Casserole.  Now, maybe it’s just me, but isn’t adding meatballs to meat-based chili a bit of meat overkill?  Yes, the recipe calls for 4 lbs of ground beef – 2 for the chili and 2 for the meatballs.  This recipe really should be called Meat with More Meat and a Li’l Chili.


Then again, we do have the XL Meat Lovers Pizza over at the Hut, which is a best seller…. 

Anyway, I am away on vacation until after the first of the year – so Happy 2008!

Man Chugs Bottle of Vodka at Airport Security – Hilarity Ensues

Hmmmm.  Seems a brilliant individual decided that he could bring a two-liter bottle of vodka with him on his carry-on luggage, then decided that he’d rather chug it down than give it to Airport Security.  Needless to say, instead of his trip home, he got a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

 Sheesh, the least he could have done is mix it with 4 liters of cranberry juice first.

Check it out here. 

Vintage Cookbook Centerfold of the Week


This beautiful spread is from the 1952 “250 Ways to Prepare Poultry” cookbook.  At first I didn’t recognize the roasted bird as a chicken, because I guess this is what a chicken looks like when it’s not shot up with hormones and antibitotics, and not fed with  genetically altered super-corn.  Kinda scrawny!  But, it probably tastes a lot better because it’s the way nature intended — not scientists at ChickenCorp, Inc. 

Anyway, the other barf-inducing dish is Chicken Salad – which should make you wince if you’ve ever gotten food poisoning from any sort of mayonnaise-infused cuisine.  It’s looking a little gray to me, which is probably not a good sign for chicken salad. (Maybe it’s back to those chicken hormones.)

 And, of course, nothing goes better with chicken or chicken salad that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches — right? 

Brooks Brothers Christmas Catalog Hilarity


 When Warren Allerton Standish Pennington the Third wears his “Fun Pants,” Blackie the Lab knows he’ll be drunk before noon.  

I laughed out loud more than once at this snarky commentary about the 2007 Brooks Brothers Christmas Catalog.  

From Jezebel.com: 

The Brooks Brothers catalog is for WASPs or those interested in dressing like WASPs. The clothes are safe, classic, predictable and boring, but the models are actually scintillating…when they have dialogue and backstories supplied for them! Slip into your loafers and have a brandy by the fire with Muffy and the gang. Plus: The answer to the question, “Are there any black people in the Brooks Brothers catalog?”  

Click here to see it all.

Binny’s Member Savings Sucks


Big Holiday Party this weekend – made a stop at Binny’s to pick up liquor.  I usually love Binny’s – it’s like a big box store of liquor and liquor-related items.  It’s like a Disneyland for drinkers!  

I wander the aisles with my husband all bright-eyed and in awe of humankind’s many different ways to get schnockered. 

We are Binny’s Club Members – which supposedly allows you to save lots of money each time you buy from Binny’s.  Our bill was $538.87.  Guess how much we saved with our wonderful Membership? 



Happy Hanukkah!


Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish pals out there!  

 I saw this yesterday and couldn’t help but chuckle a little.  A blogger named Nancy Kay Shapiro happened to wander into her local NYC Balducci’s a few days ago and saw a few signs touting spiral cut ham, petite smoked ham and boneless ham as “Perfect for Chanukah!” She couldn’t have said it better:

“…I blinked at for a couple of secs, trying to decide if this was an example of truly monumental cluelessness or … nah. It’s just the Department of Monumental Cluelessness, Well-Meaning Division.” 


Click here for the full story.